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iPhone Safari tabs trick

I’ve been working a lot recently with responsive design, the mobile first methodology and  general multi-device shenanigans, and — along with some pulled hair and general teeth-gnashing, as I’ve carefully trodden my way through the mysterious new development landscape — I’ve picked up a whole host of new skills and tricks. I plan to blog about some of these soon, in the hope that it’ll save others from similar ramblings :)

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Why RSS won’t die (please)


The second half of 2011 was an interesting one for me: as well as starting a new job, I became a dad for the first time! So, writing on this blog was buried underneath a pile of Important Things To Do. However, the fog of change is lifting, and I’m hoping to be able to find more time to post here again. So, Happy New Year, one and all — and here’s to writing once more.

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How smart is a smartphone?

Smartphones today are an amalgamation of such a wide range of technologies, such a powerful blend of different tools – but it’s easy to forget just how powerful the little box in our pocket (or bag) really is. Continue reading →

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HTML5 is a stalking horse

The term HTML5 has, in recent times, accomplished a rare trick: it has joined that exclusive club of terms that transcend their technological roots, and become a by-word for ‘future’, ‘exciting’, and ‘new’.

Each of the terms in this small collection–such as DHTML, and AJAX–began life as a dry, technological label, used to categorise a specific technique. However through a process of misappropriation, misunderstanding and marketing, they came to represent far more than they were created for. Continue reading →

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Experiential technology

This post is a little different from my others, in that it doesn’t  relate *directly* to web development; however, it’s been swirling in my mind for a while, so I thought I’d share it anyway… Continue reading →

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Notes from LightningUX

I attended LightningUX last night: an event set up to share ideas and inspiration about UX. The format was simple – 8 speakers, 5 minutes each. Below are the notes that I made… It’s quite a long post (!) but hopefully captures both the essence and some specifics about the concepts the presenters were sharing. Continue reading →

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UX: a developer’s perspective

In the last 6 months, I’ve become aware of the sheer size of User Experience (or ‘UX’) as a discipline in its own right – and more importantly its relevance to my day-to-day work as an front-end web developer. As a recognised facet of web development (although it reaches father than that), it’s never been more widely acknowledged–in part, due to a profileration of articles and blog posts by key industry figures (such as Ryan Carson, and Andy Budd, both of whom sparked long discussions on the subject) Continue reading →